Alpinist,  photographer;
Official photographer for Canon;
1991-1998 Official photographer for No Limits Sector Team;
Official photographer for Aesse Extreme Team;
Canyoning Guide for French Alpine Guides, Breil Sur Roya;
Hydro speed  Guide, A.I. Hydro  (Italian Hydro speed Association) No.46/97;
Certified Assistant-Bathers, F.I.N. (Italian Swimming Association)  No.8339;
Certificate of Rescue Breathing, FIN  (Italian Swimming Association) 8639/98
Start of collaboration with Therry Grasser (Alpine guide, Mountaineering Instructor, Canyoning Guides Instructor),  and Mike Horn (Extreme Hydrospeed and Sector Team Canyoning Guide).
2001 founder  - with M. Biondi, R. Recchioni, R. Coppo, S. Rossi, M. Geri and C. Gatti – of  the S.N.C. (National School of Canyoning) and the A.I.C. (Italian Canyoning Association)
2001-2005 Canyoning Coach Instructor  - S.N.C (National Canyoning School) and A.I.C. (Italian Canyoning Association)
IRATA International Industrial Rope Access Level 3
Official photographer on the following expeditions:
January 1987: Pharaon Ski Raid Film  for  the "Jonathan"  TV series conducted by Ambrogio Fogar  (skiing, mono-skiing, snowboarding, paragliding) -  Saharan sand dunes near the Egyptian-Libyan border;
May 1991: Alaska - M. Hunter, G. Passino, M. Dattrino and P. Gourdin;
May 1991: Vladivostock, Asian Russia – Peter Bird Sector Team;
June 1992: Rumania  - Public Relations Manager,  Raid Inter. 4x4;
September 1992: Nepal,  Himalayas – Everest base camp
October 1992: Tibet, Himalayas -  Everest-North Face base camp
September 1993: Nepal,  Himalayas - Cho Oyu peak,  8200m
June 1994: Colorado,  USA – sky running marathon;
October 1994: Tibet, Himalayas -  sky running marathon;
January 1995: Kenya - Mount Kenya;
February 1995: Norway - Liv Andersen Sector Team;
May 1995: Alaska - M. Moses Thoud, G. Passino,  H. Kammerlander, Arnaud Clavel Sector Team;
June 1995: Vladivostock, Asian Russia - Peter Bird Sector Team;
July 1995:  Colca Canyon, Perù -  Hydrospeed, Mike Horn Sector Team;
November 1995: Moscow, Russia – World Skydiving Record, Patrick De Gayardon Sector Team;
February 1996: Tokyo, Japan –  Skyscraper climbing, Manolo Sector Team;
March 1996: Arctic Circle,  Canada - Alert Military Base, Sector Team;
April 1996: Cape Farewell, Southernmost point of  Greenland -  Sector Team;
May 1996: Iceland -  Sector Team;
June 1996:  Cape Morris,  Greenland, Northernmost point of Arctic Circle;
January 1997: Tanzania -  Barbara Brighetti,  skydiving Sector Team;
March 1997:  France – Exiting and re-entering  airborne aircraft - Patrick De Gayardon;
January 1998:  Amazon, South America – hydro speed descent  of Amazon River,  Mike Horn.
2001: Sierra de Guara, Spagna - Canyoning Examiner and Instructor Formation Course manager  (Italian Canyoning Association);
2004: Halong Bay, Vietnam - Free Climbing with Stephanie Clement;
2005: Thailand -  Free Climbing with Stephanie Clement;
2006: Lofoten Islands, Norway - Free Climbing with Stephanie Clement;
October  2007: Sierra de Guara, Spain - Canyoning with Ettore Boiardi e Jari Triboldi;
April-May 2008: Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, with Mike Horn on board the sail boat Pangaea – from Guaruja (Brazil) to Monte Carlo;
June  2008: Angmagssalik (Greenland) - Reykjavik (Iceland)  with Mike Horn on board the sail boat Pangaea;
October-November  2008: Antarctic with Mike Horn on board the sail boat Pangaea;
June  2009: Cape Town, South Africa, on board Mike Horn’s sailboat  Pangaea.
2009:   Norvegia  Troll Team
2010:   Kalymnos (Grecia) Free climbing con Jenny Zarins